Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Orthodox Candle Box

The Greek Orthodox faith has a beautiful tradition.

At funerals, a candle box is placed near the casket. As family and friends approach to pay their respects, they light a candle, then press it into the sand.

Many funeral homes have a candle box. It is often a beautiful piece of woodwork, with a tray for the candles and a shallow sandbox to hold lit tapers.

I was contracted to make a cover for the candle box at our local funeral home; just a simple fabric covering to protect the contents.

The client selected the fabric and I made this:

It is easily removed, though the length is such that it allows the doors to open while the cover is in place. It is washable and elegant, complementing the piece as well as the room.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet the Designers

When Urban Contessa was launched, the product line included jewellery. My mother expressed some interest in learning to create jewellery.

"For myself," she said.

So I showed her how to crimp and shared some design ideas. It wasn't long before she passed on her new skills to her sister.

It became clear, very early, that everyone makes and sells jewellery in the GTA, and it was no longer profitable to carry the line in Toronto. I asked my mom and Cecile if they were interested in carrying on the line in Sudbury and they said they'd give it a try.

Today, my mother, Lynn Nadeau, and my aunt, Cecile Landry, are the Jewellery Designers at Urban Contessa.

They have developed this UC division to become a household name in their area. They regularly host open-houses in their homes, create one-of-a-kind designs for weddings and other special occasions. They have taken this craft to a level I could never reach in my area, but have filled a niche in theirs.

If you live in the Sudbury area, and would like more information, please visit our jewellery page to book an appointment with Lynn and Cecile, or ask about the next Open House.