Friday, January 30, 2009

Craft Shows Too

In addition to having Contessa Parties, I'm also considering craft shows.

Oddly enough, or rather, as luck would have it, the first craft show I agreed to participate in was cancelled. About three weeks before the show, no less! At least the coordinator had the wherewithal to email all of us (and not bcc us) which resulted in a flurry of emails among the crafters. For many, this was going to be their first craft show. There was a lot of disappointment and questions of "What now?" Quite a few suggested we should have our own craft show. But, of course, no one would step up to the plate to coordinate it.

Sigh ...

Fine, I'll do it ...

It was a little like the blind leading the blind, since it was my first craft show and all. But it turned out pretty good!

The crafters were quite pleased with the results, so we're planning a show for May 2, 2009.

Details to follow!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Big Picture

I have this fantasy.
It goes something like this:

I picture returning to my home town of Schomberg.
There was a store called the Ravens Roost that sold nick knacks.
I picture buying it.

I have it all planned out:

The two large picture windows will have floral drapery pulled back to expose vignettes. One window will have a table dressed for an elaborate dinner. The other window will showcase jewellery and other accessories we make. The walls will have a variety of shelves to hold all our designs. Towards the back is a half-wall. Behind the wall is an open work area with sewing machines, cutting areas and jewellery stations. Customers will be able to watch us work and know that everything they purchase is handmade.

I've shared this vision with my cousin Alex. So when she called to ask if I wanted to go to the Schomberg Spring Fair, I said sure. And, of course, we'd stop by the old Raven's Roost and check it out. Just for fun.

So we went.
Only to discover that the Raven's Roost is now an Irish Bakery.
...sigh ...
Oh well.
Instead, we bought some pastries and tea and took our goodies outside to the front porch to enjoy the weather. As we were sitting there, sipping and nibbling, we started reminiscing.

As we sat on the porch, we looked across the street and moved our way from right to left, reminiscing about each store.

Remember Handy Food Mart? All those candies we bought! And King's Restaurant? They made the best fries and gravy!

Then we got to what used to be Armstrong's Garage. And saw this.

We both stared. Looked at each other. Then practically ran across the street!

And to add to the goosebump factor, this is what was inside:

Do you see that?
The half wall?
And the shelving?
The absolute perfectness of it all??!

And as perfect as it was, it just wasn't going to work.
We simply don't have the money for that right now.
Besides, the building is now sold.

But I am not deterred.

I read recently:

God never says no to prayers. He has only one of three answers:
1. Yes.
2. Not right now.
3. I have something better planned for you.

I'm going with 2 or 3 on this one.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tooth Fairy Pillows -- The Concept

I have a line of Tooth Fairy Pillows. Everyone gushes over them and says they're really cute.

The problem is that, believe it or not, they're time consuming to make. And because I sew the mouth using my sewing machine, I'm limited to a simple smiley face. I know embroidery is an option, but that's even more time consuming. Also, the googly eyes are glued on. They tend to fall off and are a choking hazard.

So I'm going to completely change the concept ...

Tooth Fairy Pockets.

I'll draw different cartoon faces on the front. The back will be a pocket in a variety of fabrics. The Tooth Fairy Pocket will hang from the child's bedroom doorknob.

As soon as I make my first one, I'll post a picture, but until then, I made a quick sketch:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rosary Bracelets

A client recently asked me to fix a mini rosary that her aunt had brought her back from the Vatican. A little hesitant to mess with what I believe are mystical forces, I asked what was wrong with it before I committed myself. "Well, nothing really," she admitted. "I just really like it and I thought you could fix it so I could wear it as a bracelet."

Hmmmm ...

With an apologetic glance Heaven-ward, I agreed to take a look at it. It really was quite beautiful. The beads were made from crushed rose petals; when you opened the pouch, the fragrance was very pleasing and peaceful.

I measured her wrist and took it home to work on.

I'm telling you, I cringed the entire time, just waiting for the proverbial lightening bolt to come crashing through the kitchen window and strike me down at the table where I worked. I really felt uneasy the entire time. "This can't be right," I kept muttering to myself. "Somebody's going to be angry."

Not my client, though. She, in fact, was quite ecstatic. So much so, that she ordered one for her daughter for her Confirmation.

Which got me thinking. So I started making rosary bracelets. Which, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I'll market to Funeral Homes. It's a small memorial to remind one of a beloved relative or friend. It can be worn as a bracelet or hung where it will be regularly viewed (perhaps on a bedside lamp, rear view mirror or doorknob).