Monday, March 9, 2009

DNA Bracelet - Take 2

She didn't like.
Well, I suppose that's not entirely fair.
She wasn't thrilled with it.

So I took it apart, yet again, and reworked it.

This is the end result:

And, I have to admit, this will have to be the last time I rework it. I simply don't know what else to do. If she's not happy with it, I'm at a loss.

I've tried finding this bracelet on line. Similar pieces retail for $80 - $150. Stupidly, I quoted her WAAAAY less than that to string it all together (she did provide the beads).

Don't get me wrong. My frustration lies with myself. On several levels. But it all boils down to the fact that I shouldn't have said I could do it. I have this "how hard can it be?" mentality and I really need to stop thinking that way. I want to please everyone and the fact is, I simply cannot.

Hopefully she'll like it. If she doesn't ... I dunno ...


  1. It's times like this I thank the God's that I don't have a talented bone in my body and know it!

    What I do have is a sympathetic ear and usually (not to brag) give good advice and don't always have to add it.

    But, seriously girlfriend...



  2. I think it looks great! If she doesn't like it, I'll be surprised.

  3. Wow, gorgeous. You are one talented lady!!