Monday, September 10, 2012

Afghan Project...continued

Yeah. I know. It's taking forever.

Last February (LAST February!), I started this thing. If you think it's taking forever, just imagine how I feel.

It's not like I don't have other things on my agenda. I run a small business, I work a ridiculous amount of overtime at my paying job, I'm writing a novel, I co-run a crafter's organization, I help care for ageing in-laws, I try to visit family who live five hours away.

I'm missing something in there. Oh. Right. And sometimes I sleep. I have chronic insomnia, so it's not often, but once in a while I get some shut-eye.

And despite all that, I'm in a good space right now. The cogs of each of my many wheels seem to be clicking in place at this moment in time and I'm going to allow myself to enjoy it.

So I've been hooking. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is what I mean:

Slowly but surely, I've been stockpiling my squares:

And this is where I'm at:

That's sixty-three and one-half squares. There's a wee bit of yarn left on the ball at the front and behind that, there are two more balls (under the pile of squares on the right).

I may run out.  It's unlikely I'll find the same dye lot, so I think I'll choose a solid-coloured yarn in one of the complimenting colours and make filler squares. It'll be like laying out a quilt.

Oh! A quilt...hmmm...I haven't made one a while...

See my problem?

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