Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Potato Sacks

A friend is having a Halloween Party on Saturday. She has organized what she is calling "Halloween Backyard Olympics".


Included in these events is a Potato Sack Race. Of course, real potato sacks just won't cut it. So Sarah hunted up some old bed sheets and asked me if I could sew them into sacks.

Of course!

I folded the sheets end to end and sewed up one side and across the bottom...leaving the top open for people (not potatoes). I left a very large seam allowance (two inches!), then added a top stitch for reinforcement. That should hold up through several jumps and hops.

Just to be sure they "fit", I asked Chris to jump in for me. Clearly, the sacks are 'One Size Fits All'.

That dark lump on the left, is Fender, our retired racing greyhound. There was no way he was moving out of the shot.

It didn't take long to make four sacks, especially when it didn't really matter what they look like, given they'll look pretty rough by the end of the games.

All that matters is that everyone has fun! Have a great time, guys. Happy Halloween!

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