Friday, January 30, 2009

Craft Shows Too

In addition to having Contessa Parties, I'm also considering craft shows.

Oddly enough, or rather, as luck would have it, the first craft show I agreed to participate in was cancelled. About three weeks before the show, no less! At least the coordinator had the wherewithal to email all of us (and not bcc us) which resulted in a flurry of emails among the crafters. For many, this was going to be their first craft show. There was a lot of disappointment and questions of "What now?" Quite a few suggested we should have our own craft show. But, of course, no one would step up to the plate to coordinate it.

Sigh ...

Fine, I'll do it ...

It was a little like the blind leading the blind, since it was my first craft show and all. But it turned out pretty good!

The crafters were quite pleased with the results, so we're planning a show for May 2, 2009.

Details to follow!