Friday, May 8, 2009

The Outer Fringe

Robi was telling me about some beaded fringe that she had bought for her lampshades. She was intending to trim the shades and add a little bling to the room.

Then she changed her mind.

She said she'd bring in the beads.
Maybe I could make some jewellery with it.
Why not.
I never say no to craft supplies!

But this is what she brought in:

Three strings of pretty, beaded fringe.

Are you kidding, Robi?
All this for me?
I'm very excited!!
Thank God Robi changed her mind.

Forget taking them apart, though.
I'm leaving them intact and going shopping for some coordinating fabric.
These puppies are just screaming "table runner".
Oh baybee!!
Fabricland, here I come!

And thanks, again, Robi!


  1. Oh to have a house and a life where beaded fringe equaled table runner and not "future dog/toddler toy turned infant choking hazard."

  2. make sure to post pictures of what you did with it!

  3. Super fun!! I'd like some of that myself. And that stuff ain't cheap either. :) Good for you.

  4. I love treasures like that, I can't wait to see the finished table runner and such beautiful colors too!!