Monday, November 22, 2010

Hungarian Craft Show

Urban Contessa was at a craft show on Saturday, at The Hungarian Culture Club in Oshawa. I like doing this craft show for a number of reasons, but mostly for the food.

You'll recall a couple of years ago, I organized a craft show. Not only was it the first craft show I organized, it was also the first one I'd ever participated in. Surprisingly, it was quite successful. Despite its success, I haven't organized another one. It's a lot of work and I wasn't sure I was up to it.

One of the positive things to come out of all that hard work, however, was meeting Shandell Conboy, founder of Dellzines. She's young and ambitious, and makes me tired just watching her! Shandell is 'in the know' when it comes to craft shows and calls me whenever she hears of one to see if I'm interested. We usually end up having our tables next to each other and have a great time laughing and carrying on.

This past Saturday was my third Hungarian Craft Show; Sandell's fourth. Part of the cost of purchasing a table includes lunch for the vendors. A choice of either cabbage rolls or goulash, with bread and a dessert plate with an assortment of squares. All homemade by these little old Hungarian ladies. Shandell and I have come to the conclusion that we only do this craft show for the food.

Between shoppers, Shandell and I got to talking, and we decided that we'd organize another craft show. I know it will be much easier this time with Shandell helping. She helped out last time with the floor plan and came up with some good ideas. It will be much easier having someone who lives in the area, making some calls, and brainstorming with me. Not to mention, an excuse to go out for breakfast meetings. It's always about the food, isn't it?

Our tentative date is Saturday, November 26, 2011. It may seem like it's far away, but in order to get the location we want, we have to start organizing now. It's almost like planning a wedding...without the inlaws.

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