Sunday, July 10, 2011

More Totes

I took some time off from sewing. Just a small break. I knew I needed it. But every time I do it, and get back to sewing, I realize how much I miss it. And need it. It's right up there with writing for me.

I spent this morning cutting fabric for totes. As I've mentioned, Shandell and I are organizing a craft show for November 12, 2011 and since I know I'll be attending other craft shows before that (and after), I need to build up my inventory.

Cutting is half the work, so I'm glad that's out of the way. If I don't get to sewing them throughout the week, I'll spend most of next weekend sewing. And I just realized that my life is pretty lame if I'm excited about that.

The third pile of fabric from the right, the green fabric (it's green to me...I am, after all, colour-blind) was a remnant I bought.

When I unravelled it, I found this.

Really? What in the world am I supposed to do with that???

After a quick calculation, I realized they gave me more fabric than I asked for: two metres instead of one and a half. So I'm good. I simply cut up the centre of the zigzag stitch and I'll use the extra fabric for bookmarks. Which is what I use the leftover fabric for anyway. Waste not, want not.

After all the totes I sewed the last few months, I have a large stash of fabric for bookmarks. I don't know how I'm going to cut and sew them all, but somehow I always manage to get it done.

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