Monday, August 29, 2011

Celebrate Ajax by the Lake - 2011

Some day I'll win the lottery and spend my days preparing for and attending craft shows. In my spare time, I'll write. That's the dream, anyway.

Until then, I'll drag my sorry self through my days as a legal assistant, get my writing and sewing done at night.

It does make craft shows that much sweeter.

The Artisan's Market Place at the Celebrate Ajax by the Lake festival was so much fun. I have yet to attend a craft show that isn't. Crafters are happy people, so the vendors I meet are always nice. And craft Buyers are equally happy and love to chat. It's really a win-win situation.

As I was the only vendor selling these products, I did very well. And since the table was free (it was, after all, the first year vendors were invited to participate), the day was a win-win-WIN.

Of course, Shandell, my partner in crime, had the table beside me. We scoped out the vendors and handed out applications for the DRCC Sale in November.

Most exciting for me were the vendors behind my table. Fellow WCDR members, Vilma Blenman and Bonnie Beldan-Thomson were selling, and autographing, copies of the anthology, A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. Of course, I bought a copy. And it's signed by both of them. I will add it to my collection of signed books. The collection is getting quite large. I should probably count it out one day. Perhaps when I win the lottery.

(In case you were wondering, my writing can be found here.)

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